Passion for Perfection Inc. provides behavior change solutions that inspire people to achieve.

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We have a track record for developing and executing programs in various fields of human resource development, particularly in the areas of local economic development, entrepreneurship, business and management development, work excellence, and training of trainers.


We have extensive experience designing and manufacturing business and development games and tool kits to help business groups, trainers and development counselors.



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"To improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often." - Sir Winston Churchill

Change is inevitable. For communities to respond to continuing economic challenges, all its members need to respond to and manage change on a continuing basis. Unfortunately, people resist change or refuse to acquire the competencies to meet the challenges of their time. We believe that one of the root causes of these problems is attitude. As Norman Vincent Peal has said, "Most of our problems are mental in character."

Passion for Perfection (PfP) believes that by improving people's attitude, their behaviors are improved, thereby resulting in better functioning processes at organizational and community levels. Dr. William James has said, "The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind." Thus, all interventions that PfP undertakes incorporates attitude and behavior change components.

PfP implements behavior change solutions particularly in the area of developing enterprising behavior. Its programs aim to create behavior change in people by engaging them in participatory, action-oriented, and experiential activities that promote self-reliance for initiating change and partnerships for working out and sustaining solutions.

PfP provides behavior solutions through need-based training products and services. We are committed to practice with consistency these core values and principles in our services: professionalism, drive for excellence, positive work attitude, customer delight, discipline, patriotism, and righteousness.



Passion for Perfection was registered on October 23, 1991. In 1995, Rex had a dream which said that he is a prophetic businessman. On August 1, 1995, he resigned from his job in a multinational company and went full-time in business. During the first year of operation, he served local clients. From 1996 to date, he and his wife Anji traveled to more than twelve countries in Asia-Pacific, Africa, South America and Europe conducting various programs. In 1999, they released their first development game called EntreFarm. In 2000, they published their first book entitled Passion for EnergizersIn 2003, their Lipa farm called "Prayer Valley", located at the foot of scenic Mt. Malarayat, was officially opened as a venue for team-building, strategic planning, campsite, and other training activities.


Our Reputation

Our customers say that our programs "touch the heart". We are known for striving to inspire people to do what is both right and good for themselves. Their company, their community, and the nation. Our innovative and action-filled training programs inspire participants to commit actions that will improve their lives.






"Rex taught me the value of planning for excellence. We do not just plan to finish. We plan to finish well."
- Cesar Marquez, Director | Producer, Marq Media Inc.



On the JFLV Enterprises
A life testimony by Ferdie Gedalanga


When my wife and I was just a young couple, she really aspired to put up our own business. But because she has a stable job by then, we’re not that very fervent to have our own. At that time Kuya Rene Resurreccion was always teaching us in our church sermons about many principles to have a financial freedom, he is our Senior Pastor by then. It inculcated in our mind that having a business is the best way to really have a financial freedom. We went through different entrepreneurial trainings headed by Mr. and Mrs. Rene Resurreccion. The desire has grown to start and have our own business. We prayed to God that may we become a good steward of His blessings by having a true business of our own.

Until such time that Innodata, Phils. Inc., where my wife was working declared bankruptcy and shut down. I was an assistant pastor during that time, my income were really not enough to sustain our basic needs. Because of that scenario in our life I decided to have an extra income. The desire of having our own business has been on tract by then. But what is the best business? Then I remembered those teachings from Kuya Rene and Ate Anji, “Kung anong alam mo yon ang inegosyo mo”. I told my wife that clay making is the job where I enjoying much and the best business that we can put up. Since then, we set our goal of having it.  Every time we earn we set aside 10% for tithes, 5% for charities (we called it seed money), and 10% for our savings. Our good Lord made little miracles in our life before we start our business, Liza were able to work at Association for Pharmaceutical Trainers (APT), to which her income is enough to ad up our capital.

I started again my long time talent and it is clay molding. My wife, Liza resigned at APT and decided to help me in marketing the product. Unconsciously she discovered that God has given her a capability of dealing to principals as well as school administrators. By then I went to different private schools then demonstrated the art and techniques of molding clay while my partner and wife is talking to many principals to market our products.

By May, 2004 JFLV Enterprises was born (J-esus, F-erdie, L-iza, V-ivien), because we owe everything to God for he is the owner of our business, and we are just His steward. We mark our clay product as Potter’s Clay, which derived from the Bible, our God is the potter and we are the clay. Gradually we were able to move our products to different schools such as Assumption College of Makati, Poveda Learning School, PAREF Northfield, PAREF Rosefield, UST and many more private schools. By April 2005, we also secured our business permits from Barangay level, City Government and BIR as well. 

Even though our business just a so called “backyard business” and not as big as others, we are now enjoying the fruit of having the business of our own and live the way of life improved than before. We know that our God will continue to bless us slowly. We are also planning and praying to move our products to different places in the Philippines. May HE helps us to do so and established other business as well. To GOD Be the GLORY!

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