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Training on Entrepreneurship (CEFE TOT)

Entrepreneurship development is one of the identified interventions to propel the country’s
economic development. The promotion, creation of new enterprises and the expansion and
sustainability of existing enterprises are major programs of a number of government and nongovernment organizations to attain economic growth primarily because micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) provide jobs, create wealth, and effect modernizing technological changes.

However, for MSMEs to survive and prosper, they need to develop their skills and attitudes and to be exposed to economic and entrepreneurial know-how.

The Facilitators Training on Basic Entrepreneurship uses a very practical and effective training instrument which is the Business Expense Savings Training (BEST) Game. The BEST Game was developed by Triple Trust of South Africa and adapted to the Philippine setting by the Philippine CEFE Network Foundation. By using this turnkey tool, DTI trainers will be equipped with a springboard to teach entrepreneurs basic entrepreneurship and business management skills on marketing, production, and finance aspects.

The game is played competitively in a simulated environment and has definite outcomes in terms of profit and savings. The learning comes from the real life content of the game and interactions among the participants and the facilitators both during and after the playing.

Accomplishments of the Training

Through this training, DTI staff are equipped with basic knowledge on conducting of
entrepreneurship courses and basic facilitating skills on the experiential learning approach known as CEFE (competency-based Economies through Formation of Entrepreneurs) which was developed by GTZ.

During the 4-day training, participants were able to:

  1. understand the importance of entrepreneurship in overall economic development
  2. conduct Basic Entrepreneurship courses on marketing, production, and finance aspects specifically by understanding/experiencing and facilitating the three modules of the BEST GAME.
  3. acquire training inputs on experiential learning approach called CEFE by asking the appropriate questions for participants to generate insights/learning from their experiences.


The Facilitators will use the CEFE methodology developed by the German International Agency for Technical Cooperation (GIZ).

CEFE is an experiential or “learning by doing” approach that develops personal competencies through guided self analysis, stimulates enterprising behaviour and builds up business competencies through various exercises in the training. It is a participant-oriented (facilitating, rather than teaching) and action-oriented (emphasizing practice rather than theory). Thus, there is a minimum of lectures and maximum of action learning exercises, hence transforming the classroom into a microcosm of the real business world/situation.

The methodology enables the participants to discover for themselves the learning points of experiential values and to internalise their application into their own environment.

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