After his successful first book with Church Strenghtening Ministry (SCM), Called to Excel: Pursuing Excellence in the Workplace, Resurreccion goes further with his "life message" in this second book about becoming a Kingdom Provider - how to develop the gift of EARNING in order to support the ministry and possess righteous wealth; that is, wealth that brings no troube with it. A most timely and positive message for Filipino Christians aspiring to be rich towards God and man.

"Lucius Annaeus Seneca (4 BC-AD 65) once said, "Money has never yet made anyone rich". But that is because he has not yet read Rene Resurreccion's book. Find out how to be the right way!"
Francis J. Kong, Author, broadcaster, newspaper columnist and businessman
"This timely and relevant book on personal finance and enterprise development stands out from the rest because it presents the biblical perspective and shows how Christians should manage their resources in a way that blesses God na dothers. I will add this to the list of must-read books for our Entrepreneurship class."
Jay P. Supetran, Enterprise Development Specialist, Associated Resources for Management and Development (ARMDev)
"We began a construction business in 1996. Back then, we hired whoever applied. But when Bro. Rene preached in our church last 2002 on giving for the Kingdom of God, my husband and I decided to become financial warriors as well, and not just regular tithers. We wanted to support the ministry of our church and continue the cycle of giving for God's glory so we prioritized Christians in our hiring. We now have three branches in Metro Manila and will soon start a new one in Tandang Sora. More than a hundred people work for us, some of them recommended by their pastors in their churches. One of our engineers, who is also a pastor, conducts Bible study for our workers every Saturday. We believe that the Word of God is the most valuable wealth we can extend to them."
Jennifer "Ping" L. Villaflor, Owner of Tekron Construction Development

Developing a Passion for Excellence in your workplace.

Rex Resurreccion's overriding desire for his countrymen is to see them transcend the "puwede na" and "medyo" mentality, and take dominion over their careers. The work ethic he advocates revolves around the call to excel and what it takes to answer it.

Richly interspersed with local proverbs, contemporary parables and good-humored illustrations, "Called to Excel" presses the case for the Filipino's grand destiny to stand out among his global peers. This all starts with the individual's personal resolve to be excellent in his profession or calling, to pay the high price for it, and to have the best motivation for doing so.

Find out how a mindset of excellence will keep you on top of any work situation, assure you of a progressive lifestyle and create an enviable legacy for your children and your children's children.


"Called to Excel changed my personal perspective on success, work ethics and goal setting. Even though I have read this book when I was a teenager, the same principle applies in life as a "yuppie". I consider this book one of the most influential reads I have encountered."
Emmanuel Reyes
TETRA Engineer, Airbus Defense and Space Oy

Economists have forecasted a global economic meltdown worse than the Great Depression fo the 1930s. What caused it? What is the best way to prepare for it?

Bestselling author of "Called to Excel", sought after trainer and speaker Rene Resurreccion shares in "The Heart of the Economic Crisis" that the Bible teaches a pattern of thought and behaviour for people who will thrive and succeed in the midst of crisis.

Interspersed with statistics on the economy, proverbs, biblical and modern day stories, this booklet will show you why you can get out of deficit living and begin a cycle of blessings in your life even during an economic crisis.


LEGACY. Exhortations to the men of today from over 50 of the Philippines' foremost Christian leaders and influencers.


The caliber of men determines to a significant extent the quality of individuals, families, societies, and nations. Of late we have seen the effects when men do not rise to the demands of character, involvement and leadership. A sober examination of our society would reveal a dearth of Filipino men worthy of trust, following and commitment.

In these turbulent days when our foundations are shaken and men young and old are looking for their bearings, we are privileged to hear 51 voices that will anchor us to steadiness and stability. Legacy features more than a hundred exhortations by some of our country's foremost Christian leaders and influencers to the men of today, in messages written to their sons, to their children in the faith, to follow husbands and fathers--to their fellow men. In sharing their most important life lessons, these mentors desire to leave today's generation of men with a spiritual heritage.

Legacy is a valuable resource for mentoring men to start right in life, finish well, and in between, to live in integrity and dignity before their creator.

Welcome to the wisdom behind the insights and instructions of fellow sojourners who have looked back to learn, and yet are looking forward to finish well--inviting you to do so with them.


PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE is a must read for people like you who won't settle for anything less. These writings will either challenge or compel you to change your life in powerful, positive ways.

"The good news is that all people are created "to fly" or succeed in life. All human beingsare created in the image of God! They can be the achievers they are all meant to be."


"Part of professional excellence is willingness to change and learn new things."


"No matter how stable and successful you may think you are, never lose touch of humility."


"Sa kakasingko-singko, nakakapiso. Sa kakapiso-piso, nakaka isang libo."
- Kuya Rex

Nahihirapan ka bang mag-ipon? Hindi ka ba makatulog sa kaiisip ng iyong mga utang? Sumasakit na ba ang iyong ulo sa sunod-sunod na gastusin? Sa dami ng problema, may paraan ba para makalaya sa kahirapan? Meron!

Hayaan mong turuan ka ni Kuya Rex ng iba't ibang karunungan para sa iyong pagyaman. Mga aral mula sa Biblia at mga matagumay na kwentong-buhay. Tuturuan ka ng librong ito ng mga kaisipan, pamamaraan at mga kagamitan (tools) kung paano ka kikita nang mabuti, mag-ipon, mag-invest nang wasto para lumaki ang savings mo. Hangad nito na ang bawat Pilipino ay matutong kumita nang mas mabuti at sapat, na kung maaari pa nga'y higit sa pangangailangan. Tiyan na matututo ka sa Pera Tools: Mga Butil ng Karunungang Pinansyal!

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."
-Winston S. Churchill

Tinawag ka ba ng Panginoon para yumaman at makapagbigay sa Kanyang gawain?

Alamin kung bakit yayaman lamang tayong mga anak ng Diyos sa pamamagitan ng PAGNENEGOSYO at kung paano ito magagawa sa munting booklet na ito.

Praktikal na karunungang matatagpuan sa Biblia sa simpleng pagtuturo ng may-akda ayon sa kanyang pinagaralan at karanasan uko sa PAGNENEGOSYO ang iyong mababasa dito sa isinaling bahagi ng kanyang bagong libro, The Power to Create Righteous Wealth. Akmang-akmasa ating panahon ang positibong mensahe nito sa mga Cristianong Pilipino na nais maging mayaman sa paningin ng kanilang Diyos at kapwa tao.


Maaari bang yumaman ang mga anak ng Diyos ng may basbas ng langit? Posible bang maging matuwid at mayaman?

Posible! Nagsisimula ito sa simpleng PAG-IIMPOK. Ipapaliwanag sa inyo ni Rene Resurreccion kung paano sa munting booklet na ito. 

Praktikal na karunungang matatagpuan sa Biblia sa simpleng pagtuturo ng may-akda ayon sa kanyang pinagaralan at karanasan uko sa PAG-IIMPOK ang iyong mababasa dito sa isinaling bahagi ng kanyang bagong libro, The Power to Create Righteous Wealth. Akmang-akma sa ating panahon ang positibong mensahe nito sa mga Cristianong Pilipino na nasi maging mayaman sa paningin ng kanilang Diyos at kapwa tao.

Children love rhymes. They love reciting and reading them over and over again, as they play, get ready for bed, walk or ride to school.

This book is a collection of popular rhymes recited by Filipino children. They are a rich resource to help parents, teachers, uncles and aunts, older brothers and older sisters to pass history, culture, and progressive values in children. You will find rhymes that plant seeds for love of God and country, pursuit of enterprising activities in their little hearts and develop in them the attitudes and habits for excellence as productive children.