EntreFarm Game

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EntreFarm Game


The ENTRE SERIES Games simulate events that transform the training room into a microcosm of the real world faced by target groups.  This enables participants to discover for themselves the value of proactive life paradigms.

They learn the implications of:

  • Planningand budgeting money and time
  • Optimum use of their resources 

EntreFarm focuses on the agriculture industry. Participants are divided into 'families', with equal amount of cash and resources. They will go through the basic production cycle, negotiation with middlemen, formation of a cooperative, manufacturing and value-adding, and exportation.

Lessons to be extracted from this game is endless as different participants will have different strategies and decisions. Everything they do in-game will affect the outcome and lessons of the game.


  • 1 nylon, water-resistant bag
  • Trainer's Guide (with over 60 possible lessons from the game)
  • Farm Map
  • Bank Visual
  • 7pcs Envelopes
  • 18 cards Certificate of Land Transfer
  • Currencies (8 types, 28pcs/type)
  • Child Cards (12 girls, 12 boys)
  • Life Cards (36 types)
  • Yellow Post-It for Rice
  • Orange Post-It for Corn
  • Green Post-It for Vegetables
  • Pink or Violet Post-It for Strawberry
  • Blue Post-It for Fruits
  • 1 Whiteboard marker
  • Scissors (6 pairs)
  • Dice
  • Module 1 Steps ( 6pcs.)
  • Modules 2 Steps with Coop Expenses (6 pcs.)
  • Module 3 Steps (6 pcs.)
  • Module 4 Steps (6 pcs.)
  • Middleman's Briefing Sheet
  • Research Information Module 2 (2 pcs.)
  • Research Information Module 3 (2 pcs.)
  • Research Information Module 4 (2 pcs.)
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